What is counselling and psychotherapy?

Counselling and Psychotherapy are the processes by which we examine ourselves, including our emotions, reactions, thoughts, feelings and relationships. 

In counselling, we tend to focus on short-term life problems, such as a relationship issue or anxiety about your job. 

Psychotherapy dives a  bit deeper into your past - your early relationships, the messages you were given as a child, and the unmet needs that might be manifesting through your adult behaviour. 

The terms Counselling and Psychotherapy are often used interchangeably, and so there is usually no meaningful difference - however, you should choose a therapist who has qualified from a legitimate counselling or therapy programme, to ensure you're getting high quality service.

How much do you charge?

Sessions cost £85 per one-hour session.

Your initial assessment will cost £85.

I offer a free, 15-minute no obligation phone call so you can get a sense of who I am and how we'll be working together.

How does it work?

We will work gently and carefully to talk about your anxieties, and examine your 'triggers' - the events that bring up strong feelings that may be linked to the past. Therapy is a safe space where you can talk about things without being judged, or told what to do.

As you begin to understand yourself - your thoughts, feelings, behaviours, reactions, and patterns - you'll see a new you emerge. 

Therapy takes time, because we work to unravel the threads that have been tightly wound together for so long. You get what you put into it - if you do the work, it will work.

During this time, I offer therapy by video conferencing (Skype/Zoom) or telephone.

Who will know what we talk about?

What we talk about is completely confidential. I take my work seriously and don't repeat what you've told me in session, unless I believe you are at immediate risk of harm or danger. 

I may also discuss what we talked about with my supervisor, only to inform my practise and make sure I'm working safely and ethically with you. 

How do I know what to talk about?

You can talk about whatever you like in session - my work is highly person-centred, so I follow your lead. 

Sometimes you won't want to talk about the heavy stuff, and that's okay. 

When you're ready - as long as it takes - we will explore the areas that you feel are important and need looking at.