mindwave counselling

Helping young professionals overcome trauma and anxiety, and see radical transformations in their life.

Sound familiar?

  • You're anxious all the time

  • You can't speak up for yourself

  • You don't feel good enough

  • You're worried about the future

  • You feel guilt and shame about the past

  • You're full of anger

  • You're unhappy and you don't know why

You're not alone.

I'm Neetu - A BACP registered Psychotherapist, with specialist experience in working with trauma and anxiety.

I help young professionals process their past traumas, uncover hidden limiting beliefs and instill powerful mechanisms of change and transformation.

What would it feel like...

  • To break free from the heavy chains of anxiety?

  • To release the paralysing panic that consumes you?

  • To have unstoppable courage to speak your true feelings, without caring what others think?

  • To improve your relationships, and form deep bonding connections with those you love?

Remote therapy for your convenience

Zoom, Skype or telephone sessions available.

You do have the power to release your pain - and find clarity, confidence, and joy in life.